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Learn from a programme developed over decades but kept up to date by the input of around 150 clubs dedicated to its development.

Invest a few evenings each year and the return will stagger you.

Meet some great people who are just like you and who are just as interesting with a variety of points of view






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Welcome to the City of London Speakers Club

You live and work in one of the world's greatest cities. It has amazing restaurants, bars and clubs. If you are into the arts there is no better place with world class theatre, music and dance. There is so much here for the ambitious. However, most of all you will meet a cosmopolitan, interesting and heady mix of people who have so much to offer. London is a great place to live - a cornucopia of wonderful resources.

The City of London Speakers Club has been designed with this in mind. The members expect high standards. They are here with a purpose. They want to be successful. They want help in a way that suits them. We understand this and have put in place the necessary resources to ensure that you get the best "leg-up".

Expect a massive positive impact upon your life.

Profile of Members

By ASC standards we are a very young club. However, even those not so young in years are young in spirit. They come from all backgrounds and we have the following professions represented:

Accountants - Barristers - Solicitors - Doctors - IT consultants -Lay Preachers - Secretaries - Actors - Teachers - Public speaking consultants - Insurance brokers- and we even allowed in a politician!

ASC - Association of Speakers Clubs

We are a member of the Association of Speakers Clubs. ASC is the largest organisation of its kind in the UK. ASC is continually being transformed, is growing and has very ambitious plans. We fully support its aims and purpose. We recommend that you explore its web site.

We endeavour to be the catalyst that releases your energy, talent and potential. Your success is ours.



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