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City of London Speakers Club

The Speakers Club in London - release your latent energy, talent and potential through public speaking.

We are dedicated to helping you to become confident and successful at speaking in public.

We meet at 6:30pm fortnightly every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month.

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Quietly determined

ACE Club - 2011/12

City of London Speaker’s club was awarded the ACE of Clubs by the district council in recognition of their dynamic and professional approach to developing public speaking in their region

"We are delighted to be given this recognition. It inspires us to go on and try and outdo our current performance in helping others".

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About Us

Check out why we can do so much for you.

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Welcome to the ASC City of London web site

Become a part of the City of London speakers club and join the ASC whilst learning the best life skill that you do not yet possess.

We are passionate about helping our members get to grips with the skills of speaking up and speaking out. There are few things that you can do after your formal education that will have such a massive positive impact upon your life

We attract wonderful, interesting people and we always try to enjoy the meetings together. We love London and its cosmopolitan ways. We welcome everyone no matter what level you feel you are at.

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There are few things that you can do at this point that can have a more positive impact upon your life. Learning to speak in public is as fundamental as learning to read and write. Yet unlike these, the rarity of the skill of public speaking is your passport to a much more influential and rewarding life.

The return on effort is so great that you cannot really appreciate it until great things start to happen.

Come on a Wednesday and meet with us at 6:30pm!



Learn to speak in public

Improve your career

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Become the focus

Gain in confidence

Gain in influence Highlands West/Southwest Scotland East/Southeast Scotland Northeast England Northwest England Midlands Northern Wales & Merseyside South Wales Southwest England Southeast England

Learn the best life skill that you still don't have!

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No matter your background, no matter how apprehensive you are, you will massively improve your life and the fun you have by coming along to our club.

We look forward to being able to welcome you.You will have a blast!

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Check out our programme and make it a date!

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